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Timmy and son Colin

On Sunday, May 24 2009, Timmy sustained a severe head injury while having a barbeque at his house in Boulder Creek,CA. He was rushed by ambulance to Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, where he had to undergo brain surgery.

Timmy was playing baseball in his backyard when he was hit with the ball on his left temple. He immidiately went down and got back up insisting he was fine and said that he didn't want to go to the hospital. His brother, Isaac, kept an eye on him all night checking for signs that often come with a head injury. Around 3:00 AM on May 25th, Timmy began to breath differently and began to seize, Isaac immediately called 911 and the ambulance was there within 5 minutes. When he got to the hospital he had a CT scan, and the Doctor said that he had fractured his skull and severed a major artery. A blood clot formed between his skull and a membrane, and that resulted into his brain being shifted to the right side of his head.

The doctors saw the blood clot on the CT scan and knew they needed to relieve the pressure right away. The OR team wasn't there yet, so they had to relieve the pressure in the ER with a drill. When the OR team arrived he was rushed to the OR where he had surgery to repair the bleed.

Timmy is currently in a stage 4 coma, and the doctor's don't think that he will wake up. We know him, and we know that he will pull through this.

We ask that you pray for him to be healed and come back to us. There is a link to donate towards his recovery, anything helps! Thank you, and God Bless.